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Help to id a paperweight please ID = Alum Bay, IOW (pics all gone)

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      can anyone help me to identify a maker of a paperweight please on the pontil/base it has the letters AB which are joined together , any help would be nice,  the letters/initials are embossed like the Strathearn salmon pontil


                           thanks Gary :D

No idea... Kevin?

Nope, no idea, other than possibly American work in the manner of St Clair / Rice / Zimmerman. I did say to Gary via email that it might be English studio, but having now seen a couple of images, I think American is favourite.

I have asked in a specialist paperweight group - but for the last few months, apart from one genuine message, all that has been coming through is spam! Let's see what happens.

Frank/ Glassmakers, Do you know how the type of bubble produced in this piece is done? TTFN, Sue (not a boy, obsessed with bubbles)

I guess they poke holes in the coloured 'blob' before the final casing. Most paperweight bubbles are done by poking. Same approach as used in that mould for doing controlled bubbles on other glassware.

The indentations use surface tension of the molten glass to trap air as a new gather is added.

Bigger bubbles can also be blown into pieces, presumably using special blowpies  :?:  I imagine that the torroidal bubble in Ivo's(?) piece was blown in somehow.


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