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Castle Crystal Catalogue - Wine Services and Dressing Table Sets
« on: February 24, 2015, 12:54:20 PM »
A recent Ebay auction sold an interesting catalogue which unfortunately I did not win, but I would like to record the details here for everyone's future reference.

First Photo
Front Page - Castle Crystal Wine Services & Dressing Table Sets Catalogue No 4.

Second Photo
Close up of Gold Label on front page showing "Castle Crystal REGD Made in ?" with a castle.

Third Photo
Shows drawings of Dressing Table Set 1160
16 Pieces including 1 ring holder, 1 open pot, 2 candlesticks (1 short 1 tall) 7 lidded pots (3 with finials 4 with none), 1 stoppered cologne, 1 atomiser and 3 trays.

Fourth Photo
Castle Crystal (REGD TRADE MARK)
The Cut Glass Deluxe
Sole Concessionaires for Great Britain and the Colonies
Wright & Pouncy
(Proprietors : The Denholm Manufacturing Co. Ltd)
Head Offices 33-40 New Garden Street, Hull.
Telegrams : Castle Hull - Telephone : Central ??70
London : Southampton House, 317 High Holborn, W.C.1.
Telephone : Holborn 1602
South Africa : J.W. Hutty Greenacre's Buildings, Off West Street, Durban.

Fifth Photo
Wine Service 1525 showing drawings of 27 pieces including 2 jugs and 5 decanters.

Does anyone recognise any of the pieces? Also if someone could describe the shapes and patterns (not my forte) it would be great!



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