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Powder box with Nudes: ID Frantisek Halama poss Repro

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congrats i think you've solved your puzzle. Halama is a most likely source of pressed powder boxes with nude ladies. If FH is the signature it would suggest that it is a recent piece. Pre-war pieces would not be signed, neither would pieces from the communist era (>'90) when the factory was part of a large industrial conglomerate.

Thanks Ivo. :D

I emailed Halama last night & got a response from Robert Halama this morning saying that he was going away for a couple of days & will respond when he gets back - will post info when received. :wink:



In the mail today, I have received a catalogue from Halama. It confirms my belief that the piece I was offered is modern, and therefore way overpriced. :evil:

Some of the pieces in the catalogue are quite beautiful, so I may end up purchasing anyway, but will not be paying for "Art Deco" era European Glass. :D


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