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Orrefors glass


I have a large Orrefors glass vase that is engraved orrefors , A4315, and what looks like 421 engraved on the bottom. The 421 is in cursive unlike the other numbers, and may have been engraved over other numbers or letters, I just cannot tell. Any help in dating this and the artist would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Maureen Parce, Tradingtreasures

Bill G:
The signature for A is Olle Alberius prior to 1970. After that it was OA.
The number reflects vases made in the 1980's.
Can you post an image of the vase?
Bill Geary

Thank you so very much for the information on my vase. I will post a picture as soon as I take one. Maybe you would be able to put a value on the piece once you saw the picture. Again, I truly appreciate your time, and I am so glad that I found this message board. Maureen Parce, Trading Treasures.


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