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Laura Friedman:
Hello group.

I have recently purchased two orrefors pieces which the seller told me were "Tulip Glass" pieces by Nils Landberg.  However, while researching Tulip Glass, I read that they were partially colored.  As you can see in the photos, my pieces are clear.  On the other hand, the bases and the size appears similar.  I can't find anything like these pieces in my books.  They measure 14.25" tall and appear to inscribed on their bases "Orrefors 3973-111."

Here is the photo:

Does anyone out there recognize them?



Bill G:
It is almost impossible to get data about production work from 1960 to 1980. It is my opinion these are
Nil L. candlesticks. The long stems are extremely difficult
to create. The tops are similar to designs I have seen at Orrefors.
Although most of the Tulip forms have color, the production crystal is generally clear.
Hope this helps.

i saw something similar on the Swedish site Antikprat, and allegedly it was NL production items made at Sandvik - the tableware maker in the Orrefors group

Laura Friedman:
Thanks everyone.

Ivo, were the items you saw signed "Orrefors"?


I think yes - are yours?


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