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--- Quote from: "Anonymous" ---The pictures of the entire piece changed my mind  :lol:

If it is as red as it appears in the second pictures with the orange confined to the bottom or slightly swirled in the red near the bottom, then I concur that it is most likely Northwood Chinese Coral.
--- End quote ---

Hi Connie

Is there a link to a website please that attributes this colour to Northwood. I visited one late last year that had many shapes of bowls etc ( including this one?? ) but no mention at all regarding this as a colour of theirs.
With the other possibilities mentioned earlier in this thread I'm still somewhat confused ( easy for me )..... can you add any more to this please
The colour is more or less accurate and this piece has a real tomato soup looking colour orange  bordering on to red




Hi Gareth -

I don't know of a collector's or reference website for the opaque glass made by Northwood.  The popularity of their carnival glass far outpaces their other production.  But maybe Glen will know of a site

I did find 2 pieces for sale on the web -

Deep Cupped Bowl and a Chinese Coral bowl with a black attached foot.

I looked in my reference books (Colors in Cambridge Glass) and confirmed that Cambridge did not make an orange-red opaque glass.

As to it being Fenton, again the Fenton Mandarin Red looks very similar in overall color until you compare the secondary color swirled in it.  While Northwood Chinese Coral is red with orange swirls, Fenton Mandarin red is red with a darker red swirled in it. It is easy to confuse the 2 colors unless you have 1 of each in front of you. I have some pieces which I know absolutely to be Fenton Mandarin Red because of the mould - Big Cookies Jar and a Big Cookies Basket.  No other company made pieces remotely similar to these.  I also have a Northwood Chinese Coral candlestick (which again is packed away) :(  So from your pictures I would say this is not Fenton Mandarin Red.

Now to further complicate things, I revisited the Dugan/Diamond book I had cited previously and found another bowl that they identify as being by Diamond and similar to Northwood's Chinese Coral color.  They go on to say others are similar to Fenton Flame (my first guess on your bowl before I saw your other pictures). Apparently Diamond was having problems with consistency in color.

Some of the glass artists here can probably explain this better than I, but these red colors are extremely heat sensitive and hard to produce consistently. The color differeniation seen in Fenton Mandarin Red is achieved by leaving an old gather on the punty rod then getting a new gather, so they had glass that had been heated once (which in Fenton's case is the darker color) then the overall red which was the new gather.

Here is an example of Fenton Mandarin Red which shows the color variation fairly accurately.

Almost all the better known American glassmakers of the 1920s-30s were making these rolled rim or cupped bowls.  But from the color, I would say it was made by either Northwood or Diamond if it is American. To differentiate between the 2 you would have to find bowls from each company and compare the measurements or the details of the foot or collar base.  The problem with the reference books is that most picture these bowls on a stand so that you can't see the details of the foot!

There was a similar discussion about an item in stretch glass, I think. The thread was "Blue bowl clue anyone?". I contacted a friend of mine about that discussion - Dave Shetlar (an authority on Stretch) - and he was kind enough to come and make a guest posting in this forum on that Blue bowl thread. His website does have some excellent information on Northwood and other makers. Here's the url for the Northwood Stretch page, there are other links at the bottom right of that page. Dave also has info on that site on other makers.


Hi Connie/Glen

Very many thanks for the excellent information....the colour of the first 2 examples looks very much like mine., and the  Fenton red in fact is quite a different colour altogether. What I find odd is no mention on the Northwood site of the colour....and yet the listing you exampled describes it as Northwood coral. Regarding the base rim there is a very good photograph of one on the Northwood site and I really cannot see any difference in this one to mine. The alternative I suppose is the Diamond company. Anyway its fun finding out as its surprising what else turns up in the process.


It was this link that was provided before that led me down the Northwood route. I'm sure the bowl is shown on there but not the colours.....and there is a section there just for the colour variations.....however again , many thanks for your response , very much appreciated

Regards to you both




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