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Could it be Exbor?

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Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 10:51 pm    Post subject: Can anybody tell me what this is?  

Hello Everybody, I've had this for a while, bought it because I liked it.  It's moulded/pressed glass. The big "bubbles" indent inwards, the tiny "bubbles" stick out, so it's not really a bubbly bit of glass at all."""""

I saw a bit of a similar overall shape listed on eBay, a tapered square outside with a round inside, with a textured surface. The one on eBay had an olive-green inside and was listed as Exebor. The base has a big round hollow. I'll calm down with pictures soon! Cheers, Sue (not a boy)

Perhaps Exbor

Also pages 74 and 82 here (Interesting site)

Thank you very much indeed, Frank. :D
I'm still not quite sure if mine might be like this. I think those are better quality and they look as if they've been cut and polished and I don't think mine has. The second link IS an interesting site! Mine is finished off in exactly the same tidy way at the edges, but the colour is not what I would call "crystal clear", it has a very slight yellow tinge to it. Also there are a couple of small "creases" in the glass, where it has been pressed into the mould. Thanks very much for replying to my query. I don't feel nearly so left out ! :D  Cheers, Sue.

That seems to be the only Exbor design on-line.

Your piece obviously had a lot of work put into the mould and bo reason why it should match the one example seen so far.

Sue your vase is pressed unlike the Exbor pieces Frank put forward. But it was not a bad guess at all -  I have handled this vase before and would have placed it stylistically in Czechoslovakia. Le Casson, where are you when we need you!


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