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Could it be Exbor?

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I found the same "Asteroid" like decoration on glass building bricks in the DIY store today - and most glass building blocks nowadays are produced by Vitrablock in Duchcov, Czech Republic.


This is all going back a very long way!
We've got a camera, 8)  but I have to learn how to use it, and at the moment, I think I need supervision with anything that involves co-ordination. I will repost pics very soon.

When I was in Poland last November, I saw a vase the same as mine.  :shock:  It was in the window of a cafe, holding red and white roses and the Polish flag, all wrapped in red and white ribbons. Michael was stunned with disbelief when I did a double-take to rush back to check on it, having caught it in the corner of my eye as we passed.


--- Quote from: "Le Casson" ---but, here's the homepage of ZABK Glass
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Site now leads to all sorts of guff links... the ZABK Glass website has gone. :(


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