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Could it be Exbor?

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Hi, I'm here, skulking in the back-ground, sorry, been doing some follow-through stuff for other GMB folks, and other things :lol:
Can you please post a clear image of the base. Will look at it asap.
1st glance says not Exbor. Most if not all Exbor items are blown, or cast, then cut/polished, to the enth degree....and few, if any, examples, do not carry the acid-etched Exbor mark to the base. I have located a rare Cz archive, and will ask the curator to have a look, in case this appears there. Is it ok to forward a link to the image?
Beg your understanding, will be with you shortly,


Thanks for the links, Frank.  Neither of the vases on the german site are Pavel Hlava, both were designed by Oldrich Lipsky and date to 1960. These are sommerso type, blown in the round, so to speak, and then cut to create flat facets. Absolutely stunning, as either appear to be flat plane vases, or, when turned through 45 degrees, a wavy sided vase. These appear in square or rectangular, when viewed from the top. brown/ clear v common, as are the grey/clear combinations. amethyst/clear less so, and few, very few in blue/amethyst, which are three layer sommerso.
Also be aware that Libera glass, have issued examples similar, though cut on one plane only, recently. V expensive, and with no acknowledgement of who was there first. Lipsky, with only one arm, was, in my estimation, a major talent, who, like so many designers in Czechoslovakia, have been consigned to obscurity, by the obsession with Vizner, Libensky/Brychtova et al.

As I said previously, send me decent images, and if I have info, or can find it, I will post, once I'm in a position to comment further.

Regards to you all,

Monsieur Le Poulailleur, Marcus (alias Poultry Guard-dog en France)

Pressed? Probably.
Exbor? Probably not.
Sklarny Inwald/Sklo Union, very possible.

Thanks to everybody for their interest, and help.  :D I shall try to get a good image of the base tomorrow morning. There are no marks on the base. There are no seam marks, except perhaps, around the top edge, where the little slanty bit meets the outside wall. Overall it is not totally smooth, but has a sort of mini-cellulite texture, so perhaps it might be cast, with only the rim and the outside of the base polished. The base has a big round hollow, just like the Exbor pieces. Overall, I'd say the Exbor pieces are most likely to have been the inspiration for this, as the basic shape is nearly exactly the same. However, although it is a lovely piece, I'd say it was not top, top quality. The colour, the odd crease and the cellulite let it down a little. (I know the feeling well  :( :roll: ). I have no problems at all with the images being sent/linked to somebody else, but you'll have to tolerate my beginner's attempts at using the camera, which is not the best, also, I never managed to get to grips with an old-fashioned camera either. Good luck with the chicks, Marcus, their tlc must be of primary importance after such a journey! Cheers, Sue.

Just checked the archives and ventured upon the designs of Jan Sylvester Drost and Eryka Trzewik-Drost for Zabkowice glassworks in Poland in the early seventies. Stylewise these are very close to what was made at Sklo Union around the same time. Your vase may well be one from a series called "Asteroid" - though I have not seen this specific shape.


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