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Crystal Wine Glass : ID= Walsh, Farquharson


Tony H:
Hi Everyone
I have a crystal wine glass which is signed on the base, I believe in diamond point, I think it may be French, can anyone help with ID.

Many thanks Tony H

Could it be Clyne Farquharson?

Bernard C:
Tony & Frank,

Yes it is Walsh / Farquharson / Leaf pattern.   It is not illustrated in the pattern book reproduced in Reynolds, but a little detective work shows it to be one of a number of glasses listed as pattern A5883, dating to c. 1937–38, as it is just 23 patterns on from the last of the Walsh George VI Coronation commemoratives (Edward VIII abdication broadcast 12 December 1936 – Coronation 12 May 1937).   Quite a late pattern for Leaf, launched PG February 1936.

The list with "SELLS" price is:Liqueur 48/-
Port 60/-
Sherry 60/-
Claret 72/-
Champ Tall 96/-
Champ Low 78/-
Goblet 114/-
¼pt Tum 57/-
½pt Tum 66/-
Finger 78/-
Ice Plate 101/-
B. Dec 27/6
Spirit Dec A5765 16/9

Richard Haworth, Blackburn[/list]Indistinct lettering in blue.   The "SELLS" price is presumably trade ex-factory gate.   I am not sure whether for a dozen or half-dozen glasses.   The Blackburn company could be either a retailer or a wholesaler.

I am certain that your glass is what is listed as a Goblet.   The high price would be justified by the size and the complex stem with what looks like a cut knop.

I am sure that Eric Reynolds would appreciate a copy of your photographs.

Nice find — well spotted.

Bernard C.  8)

Tony H:
Bernard and Frank Many thanks for your help with ID, quite a surprise to find it is Walsh, I have had this wine glass for some time, I am well pleased.

Eric Reynolds is most welcome to a copy of photos, as I have no way of contacting him, can you help?

Tony H


I am not at all surprised that you are pleased.   I am most envious of your rare Walsh goblet.

As to getting the photographs to Eric, I would be willing to help.

Please email me with the photographs as attachments, cropped with unnecessary margins removed, but not optimised or optimised as little as possible.   I suggest a maximum file size of 500Kb per photograph, which I should be able to cope with.   Best to send one photograph per email.  Please include a statement asking for acknowledgment, and giving Eric full permission to use them as he wishes, including the ability to apply copyright status to the images, and your willingness to transfer this right to him at no cost.

Please do not concern yourself about this — it just gives Eric maximum flexibility.   He would never ever publish without full acknowledgement.

If you wish, you could just agree to the terms I have suggested here — it saves complicated paperwork.

Bernard C.  8)


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