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Hello Anne, I regret that I do not have pictures or photos of designs by Downey, however there are two items that readily spring to mind
and they are a water set named Joanna and a fruit set by the name of Scandia. Both items were designed with a Sandinavian influence
and I will produce drawings for you and send them at a later date. Downey made designs for a wide spectrum of glass which included
soda glass, lead crystal which were hand made and also pressed ware. 
 Andrew Perrott.

Hi Andrew, thank you, that'd be very useful. Did any of Downey's designs include trinket sets please? This is my main area of interest and am always looking for more information about them as we've so many unanswered questions about these sets.

I also found a birth in 1911 of an Edwin William Downey in 1991 in Mile End London, who appears to have married in Dartford Kent in 1946 to a Doris Lucas, and who died in Bromley Kent in 1986. Does this sound like the same man? The dates would seem to fit with someone working at Vitrea in the 1950s...

Hello Anne,
It has been some time since I last posted. I have made a drawing of the water set and fruit set designed by Downey however it is too large to form an attachment. Never mind I will draw something rather smaller.
I do not know if Downey designed any trinket sets, never the less i will ask a friend,who worked as Managing Director at the time if he can shed any light.
Your information concerning the birth in 1911 of an Edwin Downey fits the dates however I think it is rather speculative.

We can always help with re-sizing scans Andrew


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