Author Topic: Chinese Jacobean/ Lord Lookalike -- Nanjing Crystal Arts Craft Co., Ltd.  (Read 421 times)

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Saw this vase yesterday on the shelves of Auchan in Suzhou. The design is reminiscent of Inwald's Lord pattern. I guess these could cause confusion for collectors: indeed there's already a lot of lord lookalikes out there...

Didn't get chance to measure the vase but would estimate it stands around 9 inches/ 23 cm tall. This one was a green though I suspect the colour may be a sprayed on finish rather than in the glass itself. The box also shows it available in a lilac colour.

The base has a moulded 'birdbath' type indentation as seen on a lot of Czech pressed glass. However the foot rim is heat finished and smooth rather than ground.  The maker (Nanjing Crystal Arts Craft Co.) has a website here: Much of their production seems to be food containers but they also show this vase and a similarly styled bowl in a rainbow type finish.

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thank you.



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