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Dartington / Frank Thrower avocado sets?


Bernard C:
Re: Dartington Avocado Dishes FT137 and Avocado Dressing Servers FT146, both items sold boxed in pairs.

These are usually clear uncoloured crystal, but I have seen the FT137 dishes in a dark purple colour.   Is this the Midnight colour mentioned by Jackson?   Does anyone know what range of colours these two items were made in?

Are Dartington FT numbers sequential?   If so, does this give an approximate design date?

Bernard C.  8)

I was going to be really helpful because I thought that many Dartington catalogues could be seen on the Whitefriars website, but now I can't find them. Have they gone? EMMI   :?:

These ones, you mean?


A seller at Hemswell market has a few of the avocado sets in their original boxes, but the bowls are covered in fleabites and she's written the prices on the boxes in permanent marker. *tut*

I looked, honest :cry:

Erm on .com not .org :oops:


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