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Mdina Vase

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Picked this up yesterday & any advise would be great. Marked on base Mdina 80-160 about 5 1.2 inches tall & 7 accross. It has as you can see a lovely woven glass pattern. I have looked through Mark Hill's excellent book but can find nothing like it.
Must be very rare or very new ???

 :) Dave - I have Miller's 20th Century Glass and in the Mdina section page 135 there is a 1970's mould blown vase with a pattern very similar to yours. It is called Earth or Earthtones.
 :-[ Not much I know but every little may help !
Regards, Roger

I've never seen Mdina with numbers on it (that's not saying much). I wonder if this could be number 80 of a limited edition of 160. Curious.  :-\

nice vase, definitely 'earthtones'  they are still producing the pattern today, look at
and go to the gallery, my guess is fairly recent, maybe it was one of a limited
edition for the shape, or made for a customer? such as a sales outlet or
hotel chain ???
Andy 8)

Hi, yes it is Earthtones, I posted a photo of a spherical vase in this glass on here recently and Mark Hill kindly replied with some very useful information about it - do a search on here for Earthtones and you should find it - it was a fairly recent discussion (last month I think).

EDIT - here's the link to the recent discussion,9066.0.html


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