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great big fat pointy topped trumpet flower weight - where from?


This is a great big fat magnum of a weight, with a rather distinctive pointy top.

Anyone got any ideas of where it might be from? base is polished flat, with rather soft curved edges, unlike the Murano ground base weights I have that have similar bases, but are much crisper at the edge of the ground base.

Pointy Paperweight

Thanks in advance.

My guess would be modern Bohemian.

I agree with gth.
I have seen loads of these type weights at the Naschmark in Vienna. 
They all are confirmed by the stall holders to be 100 years old plus  ;D ;D with 100euro plus price tags!!
Ocasionally you find a genuine one in amongst them, I have an engraved and dated one from 1908.  I consulted with a master engraver here and he confirmed the age.
Kind regards

Ah, I missed GTH's post somehow!  And thank you also Kerelm for taking the trouble to reply.

I have had this one confirmed as Dartington - it was identical to one with a label, and that one also had the slightly pointy top and the mottled I am happy that is what it must be. 

Shame..... I would have liked it to be 100 years old ..... ;D ;D ;D


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