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Whitefriars Day Paperweight

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Just had to 'show off' my latest paperweight, made by Ray Annenberg with some of his few remaining Whitefriars canes for the Whitefriars Day at Aaronson Noon on Saturday 17th. March :D :clap:

The inscription reads, Made by Ray Annenberg - Aaronson Noon "Whitefriars Day" March 07

For those who weren't able to come, I'll be posting some images of Ray's other paperweights asap...but of course Leni had the first choice, being there on the day!  ;)

Sue C:
What a family heirloom to have, keep any photo's taken and write down all you can remeber of the day and keep them with the weight, i am so green with envy  :(

What a wonderful paperweight, one to treasure and I am sure a joy to own. Kind regards Carol.

Well done Leni! You must be delighted, special memories will come flooding back every time you look at it in the future  8) ;D 8)


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