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Uranium/Vaseline bottle with stopper - any ideas on use or maker?

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Hi Glassies,
This was the first piece of Uranium glass I ever bought, quite by accident and very cheaply, and started me on a bit of an obsession with the stuff. This piece almost glows by itself.
It stands 16cms tall. It is an opaque, yellow/green colour. I'd love any suggestions on purpose, age, makers or makers country.
Thank you
That's just a leaf in the bottom of the last one. Sorry about that, really should buy a bottlebrush!

Hi Beryl - It is a cologne or scent bottle and I think French.  I had one very similar.  I sold it to a custom perfume maker in London  :)

Hi Connie,
Really!! Did yours have a label? How did this one end up in Australia? Did you get a good price for yours?
Thanks for your help

This color is usually associated with Vallerysthal/Portieux, sister companies in France.  IF there is no mark on the bottle (seldom), it would have probably been sold with a paper label.  Sometimes, the paper label is still intact, reading:  P.V. France

While I am not up on the specifics of what came in bathroom sets, this is obviously part of a bathroom bottle set.  There was most likely puff boxes, different size perfume bottles, etc, with the set.

Yes, this piece glows brilliantly!  The French call this color OPALINE, but they also use that same term when referring to bright, transparent vaseline/uranium glass.  The Americans (of which I am one) generally reserve the term OPALINE for the translucent/opaque yellow that is shown in your picture.

Dave Peterson
Mr. Vaseline Glass

Thanks Dave,
You're amazing! It sounds like you are the Uranium/Vaseline glass expert. I've always wondered what it would have held. And to know the factory as well. I will call it Opaline from now on too. Do you know what years these were being made, and were thay made predominately for export?
Do American's call all glass with Uranium in it Vaseline glass? I've often wondered about that.
Thanks again


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