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Davidson Pearline Bowl / basket

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I thought I put this on the GMB, as far as I think it looks like Davidson yellow pearline, but in a shape I have not seen beforeso I could be wrong, you see a lot of the 2 handled and 3 handled novelty baskets etc, this one has 4 small handles, the base looks like Davidson and it also has the 6 little ribbed lines as do some of there other items, its not in any of the old pressed glass books I have , interested in any comments

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regards roy

Hi Roy,

I'm not sure this is a Davidson piece. I have encountered a number of posies, creams etc in this pattern which are not illustrated in the Pottery Gazette adverts and which I have not been able to cross reference to known pattern numbers from the 1886 inventry and the Pricing Committe records.

Unless this can found in another manufacturers catalogue, then I think the best one cans say is 'maybe by Davidson'



The color is consistent with Davidson for the time period it was made and I was always led to believe it is a Davidson piece.  I have this exact dish.  The feet, the concentric circles on the underside of the feet, are all consistent with Davidson.  While that is not proof, and I have no catalog pages to prove it one way or the other, it would be safe to advertise is as 'most likely Davidson', which would get your search word in the description.  I have also seen the swirl piece with 3 handles, two handles, and no handles, and all of them have the concentric rings on the underside of the feet, as do similar other pieces that are known to be Davidson.  Hope this helps.  Oh, and whether it has 2, 3 or 4 handles, I have seen different shapes that it was bent into after it was pressed.  This naturally means that there are collectors looking for all the different shapes a particular piece was made into.  This particular 'bend' is a bit tougher to find than others with 4 handles.

Thanks chris and Dave

I agree with what you both say, I had not seen the pattern in any books or catalogs but the similarity seems very high with the concentric rings on the foot and around the bowl, as you both say likely to be Davidson

regards roy


Chris Stewart's stated clearly "maybe by Davidson", not "likely to be Davidson".   And Dave than said "most likely Davidson".

So we have two different point of views that cannot be combined as "likely to be Davidson". It might be better to include a link to this thread if listing on eBay. With a comment that "an attribution to Davidson has been considered but no conclusive evidence yet found" - this will provide the keyword for searchers and also expand awareness of the discussion. That might in turn lead to evidence of manufacture being uncovered.


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