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Frank wrote:
--- Quote ---historical confusion is of course exploited by many... South American spacemen
--- End quote ---

I do hope you aren't suggesting a new work to be written by Kire NovAnniked "Glass: A History of Atlantis and the Venutians" ::)



 ;D Don't need to do that, there are enough fictional histories on the market already. Still if publishers are actually willing to print 'alternate' theories of history, based on the direction the p**s blows in the wind, then it is hardly surprising that websites crop up doing the same.

Here is an interesting example that is quite serious:
Electric Mirror on the Pharos Lighthouse and Other Ancient Lighting. Is the published book, I was asked to do a review but never had the time. It has spawned websites containing excerpts.

They don't cover glass but separately but it is clearly a part of this


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