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Sarpaneva Festivo candlesticks - signed or not?

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Could anyone clarify for me if the above are normally signed or not please? I've seen sale listings both on eBay and elsewhere for both signed and unsigned ones, and read elsewhere on this board that there are copies in circulation also. How is it possible to tell if one is a genuine Sarpaneva?

(The reason I ask is that my mother bought me a small candlestick today which looks like the small Sarpaneva but is unsigned, so we are interested to know if it is genuine or one of the copies.)

Any info most gratefully received. :)

Some are signed, others are not. If they are, the sig is T.S. in relatively large diamond point. There are tons of imitations around, especially the smaller ones - but the model is quite specific. Also the quality of the crystal should be an indication - the imitations are yellowish.

Thanks Ivo, that's very useful to know. Our is very clear crystal, not a hint of yellow at all, it looks and feels good quality,so although unsigned it appears to be an original. It's in the window along with my other crystal pieces where any yellowness would surely show up also.

Hi Anne

I've had all sizes of the TS Festivo candlesticks, and I've still got a dubious copy - drat it!  The copy is pretty hopeless really, and as Ivo said, quite yellow.  It's also quite different and obvious to spot really, but I bid on a bad photo and didn't I'm stuck with it!   :oops:  :roll:

And...some of mine were signed, and some not...even ones that had their original box.

(I know I'm repeating Ivo, but it's not often I actually know anything!  :lol: )

Thanks Max - I'd far rather be told twice than not at all :)  I'm delighted with mine, I did see it in town last week then was sidetracked by other things (shopping for mother's birthday) so totally forgot to pick up the candlestick (I went in to buy yet another wine rack as all ours are full!) - so was lucky that it was still there when mum was going back... a quick phone call and she went and collected it for me. I'd have been kicking myself if I'd missed it totally! ;)


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