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Could anyone give me any information on these pieces of glass I have, I would be great fully for anyone who could help. I cant insert the pictures so if any one could email me I will send them to you,my email is christinelc9311(at)yahoo(dot)com
Thank You,
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Mod: Photos uploaded to GlassGallery:   Pic 1   Pic 2   Pic 3   Pic 4   Pic 5

Dear clc430, your pics are now in GlassGallery, links at the top of this topic.  You might want to give more details about your items, like size for instance?   :)

Cathy B:
pic 2, white/green cased vase with clear handles is of chinese make,
pic 3, Avocado, Indiana Glass Co, 1923-1933 and remade from 1974 onwards
It looks like there's some green EAPG in there as well, but there are others far better qualified than me to ID it for you.

No. 5 might be Heisey's winged scroll, or something very similar. I would try winged scroll as a search option
I think no 3 might be 20/30s rather than 70s, it's got that uranium look to it. Try it under a UV light, it should glow bright green

Cathy B:
Bang on Christine, with 'Winged Scroll' (ware #1280). Looks like the small nappy in emerald with decoration no. 53 (gold on figure). 1899-1901 (p. 55 Heisey Glass, N & T Bredehoft)


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