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Caithness Unmarked weights on ebay (Long post)


Hi folks from a newbie here.

I have noticed since about September that some sellers on ebay in Scotland and Norfolk have been selling off cheap CG weights  "purchased directly from the factory shop" etc.

I believe that the Receivers od Edinburgh Crystal cleared out a load of stock at bargain prices.

However, at least one seller keeps putting weights on ebay claiming that they have no markings on the base.   I can think of four reasons for this:

1) The seller can not be bothered to put all the info about base markings in his sales descriptions - indeed , when I queried one last year he replied with details of the markings.  Since then he ignores my questions (only two in 4 months - not hassling him)

2) The seller has bought a load of CIIG marked weights in the stock clearances and has polished the bases for fraudulent gain.

3) The receivers sold off a lot of part-completed stock in a hurry, that was finished in manufacture, but not yet etched or engraved.

4) CG stopped marking seconds at some point.

Does anyone know if:

A) unmarked stock was sold off by the receivers?

B) there are/were ever any volumes of CIIG or seconds around at the factory/shops, or only a handful at any one time?

C) Did CG stop marking seconds as CIIG and just leave them completely unmarked for factory shop sale, and if so, when did marking stop?

Curious in Solihull.....


Andy Nowson

Hi Andy,
          The receivers didn't sell off unmarked stock only the contents of the factory museum which consisted of number ones of the editions or artists proofs and master samples.
          Seconds are always available in the factory shop and quantity depends on the amount of seconds that are made,obviously we try to not make too many  :). 
          We did stop the process of sandblasting the "C11G" logo on the bases of seconds a while ago but I am afraid I can't remember when exactly.The seconds now are just put in the shop with the bases flat ground without polishing them so they appear matt finished as opposed to normal shiny bases.
          When Edinburgh Crystal owned us they held quite a few "Warehouse Clearance Sales" in which a lot of seconds were available,
           I hope this is of some help for you.

Very useful, thanks Allan.

Thanks Allan.

That clarifies several questions.

I did originally wonder if seconds were no longer marked CIIG, but the first time I enquired of this guy he actually replied that the weight in question was marked.

Since then he has literally posted dozens on ebay, all supposedly unmarked, which raised the question as to what was going on.

He has been an ebay member since 2002, and I've seen him selling Caithness weights for over a year, if not two,  so I'm damn sure he knows they are all seconds, and he is just avoiding mentioning that
to potential buyers, which I think is rather dishonest for someone who knows and sells a lot. 

With some of them he is listing them as 1/1s - on the basis they have no name and must be special.

(He is based in Stirling - so watch out folks)

As an aside Allan, might it not be better to junk the unlimited seconds as cullet as well, rather than let them onto the market?



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