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Carnival glass celery vase : ID Triands Brockwitz

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Hopefully Glen or Connie may know the maker of this celery - for some reason it looks European rather than American to me?

But I can't trace down the pattern...




Triands. Brockwitz.

(Edited to add: page 76 "Century of Carnival Glass"  >:D)

 >:D on my next buying spree Glen..... >:D

Thank you!  I am proud to have known it wasn't American!!

 ;D  Nice one, Lynne  ;D

And a tip for identification - turn the item upside down and look at its base (called the "marie" or collar base, on USA made items). On the Brockwitz piece you have there, you will see that the outer rim of the base is ground. Sometimes on such pieces you will find tiny grinding chips. A ground base is a characteristic of much (not all) European Carnival Glass. American made Classic Carnival, however, was taken from the mould using a tool called a snap - and the collar base was not ground (there are some scarce exceptions to this rule). This article that I wrote some years ago may be of interest in context.


Excellent.  Looking at the Fenton, Dugan and Imperial pieces I have to hand at the moment, I can see a distinct mould seam line central to the raised rim of the collar base, (which I presume is the snap line?) whereas as you say the Brockwitz is roughly ground - I had seen the grinding and just put it down as rather a lot of wear, but looking it with your knowledge, I can now clearly see that it has been ground but not polished.

Thanks again,


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