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Art Deco Degue Vase


I would just like to share my latest find , I went to the antique shops in Dorking Surrey with my wife and in the last shop I saw a nice vase, the label said 1920's French Vase Degus, it was signed on top of base , I knew it was Degue, but that was about all I knew, I decided to leave it and do some research at home and also went to local library and borrowed Millers Art Glass  where there are a couple of pages on Degue, it was only then I regretted not buying it, I decided to go back early this moning and even then I was not sure if I would buy it , once in the shop when i had it in my hands again it looked even better than when I first saw it, so  i snapped it up there and then,
The vase stands 15" tall, weighs 1.75 kgs  and is a mottled green the base and handles are a deep mottled purple, I know in these days there are plenty of reproduction and flakes, but this seems genuine

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many thanks for looking Roy

Hi Roy,

I cannot say with this is a fake or not, but I observe that the signature is different to that found on Degue glass shades. On the shades the last e has a long tail. This might not be significant as the signature on the shades is moulded.



It doesn't look too dissimilar to the engraved signatures I've seen, but I'm not really familiar with Degué's output beyond lighting.


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