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Blue flashed perfume bottle - any ideas where it might be from?


I bought a pair of these small (about 5 inches 130mm inc stopper) blue flashed perfume bottles in a lot recently. 

Moan first:  I rushed in where angels feared to tread.....I had checked them, but didn't look carefully enough obviously.  I have so been looking forward to unwrapping them and cleaning them up, and what do I find?? both the stoppers have at least three quarters of the tops repaired (not especially well) with resin.  It doesn't notice much under artificial light, but when I got them out into the daylight, it was so yellow, I was amazed I hadn't seen it.  I think I was so in love with the shape and colour, I didn't allow it to register. ::)

So, question:  Are these good enough to take to a restorer and have properly restored?  Or are they just about OK?  Anyone have a country of origin for me?  I thought maybe French?

thanks for anything you can help me with  :'( :'(



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