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Another signature - when will I learn how to read??


Oh dear.  You know how challenged I am about signatures...

here is the latest one.

Lovely blue and rainbow iridescent little weight, base nicely polished and hand engraved signature.

But...... ::) ::)
It looks like Eickholt to me, but I can't find anyone with that name or similar.  Am I just being stupid?


Please don't answer me....

I am an idiot.  I am off to write out 1000 times.

"check your spelling when you google a name."

It is of course Eickholt.  Like wot I said it was.


 :hug: Lynne  ;D

Thanks Connie.....

I don't suppose it will be the last time I do something daft like this.  ::)

I have a Eickholt like that one with a different coloured cushion. It was the first 'nice' weight I ever purchased. I just love that iridescent film in there.

I had a friend who could not look at it because it looked the hallucinations she had in her druggie days!


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