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May be Whitefriars ?

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This is the link to a very pretty Ink Bottle I have which I am still trying to identify. I thought it might have been Walsh Walsh or Web but it seems more likely to be Whitefriars, possibly from around 1930-50. Any or all help will, as always, be very much appreciated:

Main bottle millefiori canes 4 concentric rings with large centre cane; white, blue, white, red.
Date canes 1,8,4,8 ring # 3. Stopper and bottle neck inscribed ‘61’ or ‘19’. Recessed base.
Stopper central cane plus 3 concentric rings, outer red, two rings white. Stopper shape copies body shape.
Height with stopper: 10 cm (4 inches), without stopper: 7 cm (2 ¾ inches).
Body diameter 6.3 cm (2 ½ inches) at widest point, base diameter 5.2 cm (2 ¼ inches)   

Respect  :D

Have a look at Pat. 9754 in the Whitefriars catalogues - 1972 - 1980.  There's one similar to yours. I am not a weight expert so you will have to judge for yourself.  Emmi

Migfht be better on the paperweight board so they can look at the canes. Moderator...

Not Whitefriars!

From the photo of the section showing the canes in the base, it appears that there are indeed canes for "1848" but with the "4" not showing. Is that correct? Is the "4" out of view or is it missing? Any chance of a photo of the date canes with the "4" showing?

Also a photo of the base would be useful.

Research has shown (but not to everyone's satiisfaction) that there are no recods of Whitefriars making weights or bottles in the 19th century. However, it is known that the Arculus and Walsh-Walsh companies (Walsh eventually became owner of the former Arculus works) made "copies" of "old" weights and bottles in, at least, the 1920s and 1930s and these had "1848" canes set in them. This was apprarently done to meet a desire at the time by collectors and dealers!

I have not yet checked the canes against other "old English" items so cannot confirm a likely attribution.


Kev - your info is most interesting - this was the track I was going down before I was advised that it was probably Whitefriars !

Anyway, the '4' is offset slightly from the 18 and 8 cane and the '8' in both canes looks like two spots, one above the other.

I have taken some more pictures and put them up (link above) - three shots, one of the date canes from the 'outside', one of the date canes peering down the neck (pos=-5909) and one of the base (pos=-5908). This last image also shows the wear to the base suggesting some sort of 'age' but it could have been done deliberately. The other thing which is 'bugging' me is the small size of the item - the majority of bottles I have researched start at about 5 inches and go up !
Respect, Roger  ;D


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