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Hidden Hartley Wood letter in Harry Powell Book

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Hi ya Jules (Pinky) you old sleuth nice to see you back again , sorry to butt!!!! in , your old friend Marie has been trying to contact you for some time , if you cant get her let me know  ,
 HAPPY NEW YEAR  you old Beastie . Please come to Cambridge but leave your purse at home  ::)
I may have a Gingham Banjo for you . ;D ;D ;) Hobbsie to you .xxx  jp to others

Pinky's post was in 2007 JP!

OOOOPS Better late than never  :-[ :-[ :-[ must learn to read . HAPPY NOO YEAR ALL .

Not sure what this brings to the discussion.
looking at some dunne cooke vases in the glass association journal
brought to mind a vase i bought recently which i believed to be hartley wood.
Did dunne cooke have any connection with the factory?
Is this vase hartley wood?
Any comments wellcome.
The vase stands 6 inches tall.
Happy new year

Hi nice to see you on the forum as well as at all the fairs A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your lovely lady , hope you get some help with this , cheers john  Nice vase i like the colours .


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