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Hidden Hartley Wood letter in Harry Powell Book

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Hi, cannot recall a connection with H/Wood. I have a signed streaky yellow piece of Dunne Cooke in my album. what is the base like on the vase? H/Wood would of this type would have a kicked out base with a crude snapped off pontil mark, the Dunne Cooke a lobed base a lot were signed but not all.
The above link shows the Dunne Cooke vase.
The link below shows some Hartley Wood vases....


Thanks for  the speedy responce.
The vase does have a kick up base and a snapped of pontil mark.
thanks for the pictures chris,the signed dunne cooke streaky looks so similar.
(newcomer, still not masterd uploading multiple images)

Hi, looks like it could be a Hartley piece then.


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