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Hidden Hartley Wood letter in Harry Powell Book

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These may not be that relevant, as the letter seems to be discussing social provision, however for what its worth....
First one may be AMInstT (Associate Member of the Institute of Transport), the second, (AMIBE) Associate Member of the Institution of British Engineers. The latter still exists in that form, the first is now the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics.

Sue C:
Hi Pinky, another thought crossed my mind, as the letter is dated 1947, and discusses women , children and nursery's, would it have something to do with the war widows welfare?

hit a dead -end in the AMInstT line, as the new organisation kept NONE of the material prior to its creation in 1999. All members had to change their professional letters, and no year books regarding the preceding membership was retained.
Possibly one can find something through IBE, but information is scarce.

.....You're all so lovely with your help - it is very much appreciated - thank you. I spoke to Christina Glover of 'Circaglass' today who manages the Cambridge Glass Fair Website and provided the Hartley Wood's the link The website will be changing shortly so please don't be surprised if you lose the link in the future.

In consideration of all your comments and advice I'm going to contact the Sunderland National Glass Centre and also see if I can find a lady called Susan Newell (thank you Christina and Patrick) who wrote an article on Hartley Wood for a Glass Association periodical in 2001 (Volume 6).

I'll keep you posted and in the meantime would be very grateful for any further news/comments. Best Pinky

nigel benson:
Hi Pinky,

Email me or give me a call, I believe I have Susan's email address for you :)



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