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Mdina Side Stripe? Or is it a Fish?

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Odd this.... I bought a mixed lot of Mdina, with this as one.  I only looked at it quickly, saw the overall shape, and thought oooh.... Fish!  Buy it!!

But then.... now I am checking it out, the figure of eight base and sides are side stripe style.  But the neck???  According to Mark's book, the Side Stripe had a button neck in the early makes, and a wider flatter one later on.  So how come this has a Fish style neck?

Does it get classified as a type of Fish?  I can't see it, as the method was apparently centrifugal to form the wings, and these are definitely applied.  But if a side stripe always has a flattened rim? 

What shall I call it?  The vase is approx 8.25 ins 210 mm tall.

side view


David E:
Looks like a Lollipop vase to me ???

I know what you mean.... but my last lollipop, the wings were integral to the main glass of the vase, not applied like this.

Look, here it is:

See what I mean?

Yes I know what you mean Lynne - all the ones with the applied sides I've seen (including one I sold fairly recently) had a button neck  ???  I've not seen one like this with a long thin neck - dunno what to suggest really but it's deffo not a lollipop or a fish.  Utra rare trial piece p'raps  ;D ;D ;D

Oh well.  I suppose I'll just describe it as it is and see what happens.  I'll give it a day or so in case Mark comes by.

Can you tell felt right p'd off when I discovered I didn't get a fish vase in the lot?   ;D ::) ;D


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