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Blenko Winslow Anderson 920 decanter? NO = PILGRIM

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pam roybal:
I just bought this decanter and I am not sure if it is the real thing. It is 18" tall with stopper and 12" without, it looks like the real Winslow Anderson 920 but there are so many look alikes and I am not an expert.  

In looking at your pic, the base certainly is the same shape as Blenko's 920 by Winslow Anderson. However, the stopper in not like anything I can find pictured on Blenko Decanters. Blenko Decanters are noted for their distinctive stoppers, so this would make me feel suspect that it is not blenko.

The stopper looks like it is not matching, colour and decoration vary. The fit looks a little odd too!

Thanks for all of the help; now that I look at it, it looks like a marriage to me also. I am glad I only paid $6.00 for it; someday maybe I will find the right stopper, which would be about the time I find the needle in the hay stack! Thanks

I think it may be the Pilgrim decanter shown on the Is it Blenko? website - have a look here and see what you think... scroll down to see what they say about each decanter shown.


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