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Sue C:
ebay 120063938944  ??? ??? did Waterford make these? seller say's has origional label, but i have never seen one.

David E:
Ahhh, this vase - it was the subject of a debate some time ago:,6982.0.html

Despite the seller being told it was a "rebadged" Chance handkerchief vase, s/he remained obstinate that it was genuine.

I have queried this with them once again.

Sue C:
Unbelievalbe, he get's advise from the Chance glass expert and still say's it must be Waterford because it has a lable ??? oh well ignorance is bliss ?

David E:
I'm not sure how peelable a Waterford label is, but if it was a paper type which was gummed, not self-adhesive, then it would be a doddle to transfer it over.

In fairness to the seller, I did point out that I would ask my contacts to confirm whether Chance ever supplied Waterford (the only way I can see the label would get affixed legitimately) and he has replied:

--- Quote ---Hi Thank you again for your email, any additional information that you fnd out is appreciated.
--- End quote ---

So hopefully I will get this nailed down, once and for all.

David E:
Following a flat denial by Tony that Chance ever made it (forwarded to the seller), I got the following response:

--- Quote ---Hi Thank you for your email and hard work carried out,   it is appreciated and I will relist the vase according to your advise, thank you again far all your help.
--- End quote ---

So all's well that ends well - another minor victory for GMB - thanks for alerting me Sue 8)


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