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Northwood Shell Toothpick Holder


Can anyone tell me with confidence if the toothpick holder in Shell (a.k.a Beaded Shell) has been reproduced in white opalescent? Thanks.

I guess that would be a sort of "French Opalescent" color?

The toothpick mould in this pattern was owned by Joe St Clair - and I believe it is now in the hands of Summit Art Glass. I am fairly sure that they have made glass in French Opal, but I cannot give you 100% guarantee.

Hopefully someone else will have more info.



According to this Carnival Glass site there may have been no such thing as an original "Beaded Shell" toothpick holder, since very few were made during the first, original Carnival Glass era. You might just have a reproduction of a more contemporary item from the 1960s on.

Be very careful;  some of these smaller glass makers are making Carnival and other pattern glass items that were never made before in the pattern, in colors that are considered to be rare in old Carnival and other glass.  Some folks are mistaking these items for being undocumented older items.

It's not my intention to slam Summit Art Glass for making many things like this, but it is well known that they have done it for whatever reason. It is also well known that have made other glass items, in their original colors, with their original maker's marks on them, for private owners of some old glass molds. I can't say for sure why they would do this, but as long as I don't know the real reason I can only think it stinks.



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