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1866 whatzit-- Paperweight? magnifier? ID = Cover for medallion paperweight

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Pictures of Bernard's Hayward Bros light are still up in the Garage Sale.  --ian

Bernard C:
More photographs at —> Prism Glass —> UK —> Hayward —> Product Pics.   Click on any of these images in either location to enlarge.

Please note that the Light Flow Diagram is an approximation drawn from observation, and does not take into account light entering the top at other angles.

Bernard C.  8)

Thanks Ian and Bernard   :D

So...pavement lights.  Is Bernards' Hayward one special because it's semi prismatic?  Otherwise, surely they're quite common, aren't they?  I hope I'm not being rude - it's just a mystery to me!

Bernard C:
Max — it's not like that at all.   Most people have no concept of beauty or heritage when it comes to street furniture and external architectural fittings.   When dug up or removed, usually unnecessarily, they get smashed up, go in the skip and get dumped in land fill.

Does your town or village have a complete inventory of all such items?   I bet it doesn't.   Does your community offer grant assistance towards the cost of restoration?    No, of course not.   Much better to spend your local taxes on new Victorian rubbish bins and twee brick paving that won't last five years.

Bernard C.  :(


Vault/pavement lights are not common any more, and becoming scarcer all the time.  The older type set in iron can be removed as a unit and you see those at salvage yards sometimes, but the type set in concrete (locked in with steel) can't be removed as easily.  Usually, the demo contractor just bashes them to bits and throws them out!  Occasionally you find NOS ones, leftover from the initial installations.  In general, they are very hard to come by.  Bernard's piece is quite unusual, the first of its kind I've seen.  But, it's still early for me in the research phase, so many patterns are still new to me.  Hayward Bros was very big in vault lights, a pioneer, so their glass is particularly desirable.  Don't know why I'm talking it up like this since I'm just going to make life harder when bidding time comes!



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