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1866 whatzit-- Paperweight? magnifier? ID = Cover for medallion paperweight

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--- Quote from: ian.macky on March 27, 2005, 04:37:06 AM ---Can anyone ID this piece of glass?  It's clear, round, 2 1/8" diameter by 1 15/16" high, embossed (upside-down when the flat base is down) "PATD OCT 2ND 1866".  Not fully solid, the base has a depression.  Seems like a desk magnifier-- works well for viewing non-flat objects since they can occupy the space-- good for coins, bugs, etc.  Alas, the USPTO still cannot search for anything but patent# and classification for old patents, and there are a couple hundred issued on that day.
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I was taking new pics of this for my "whatsits" gallery and thought I'd re-Google : got a hit this time, with a picture of a complete unit.  It's a paperweight, and there is supposed to be a plaster insert (which is missing in mine).  A picture of a complete one that sold at auction is here (   It has a George Washington plaster medallion and is in better shape than mine ("Undamaged with some very light scratches to crown").  Sales price was $220 + 15% premium.

Description reads "GEORGE WASHINGTON PAPERWEIGHT, intricately molded plaster base depicting a profile of Washington within a wreath, above a spread-wing eagle, cherub on either side, Roman numerals for 1776 above and "First in War, First in Peace, First in the Hearts of his Countrymen" underneath, exterior edge molded ""PATD OCT 2ND 1866". United States. 1866-1876. Height: 1 7/8 in. diameter: 2 3/4 in."

Still don't know what the patent refers to.  Tried and failed to locate it again.


That is a surprising result! But fits with your first thought!


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