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Green 'Murano' paperweight?

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Ooh, I'm first!   :D  :roll: :lol:  

Can someone tell me if this weight is Murano, and if so, is it possible to say which maker?  It was sold to me as Murano, but I've not seen one made in all one colour before.

I think some of the canes - particularly the 'flowery' green ones with white edging and the black dot in the middle look particularly 'Murano'-like.  Am I on the right track here Kevin?  

This is a side view,  and this is the base, which you can see is very clear and smooth - almost as pretty as the top!

It is a big weight, measuring about three and a half inches across.  

I particularly love the way clear green glass rods have been used to space the little canes in the second ring from the edge.   :shock:
So effective!


hi Leni

most prob carlo moretti yep you were right from Murano


--- Quote from: "RAY" ---most prob carlo moretti yep you were right from Murano
--- End quote ---

Hi Ray. Thanks  :D

I've had a look for stuff by Moretti, but haven't seen any paperweights. Can you tell me why you think it's by him?  

Not doubting  :shock: just wanting to learn!   :D


opps not carlo but they could be Ercole Moretti or Ragazzi Piero

Hi Leni & Ray,

Yes, I'd agree it's Murano. And one of the better makers, too. Lots of general Murano weights from the mid-20th century have an uneven setting of the canes when seen in profile - as Bob Hall described in his 2001 book, World Paperweights "... the ends of the canes ... look similar to a profile of the Rocky Mountains ...".

Bob's comment was in connection with an illustrated weight for which he added further comment: "... but the maker of this weight has recognised that care needs to be taken when cutting lengths of cane. This weight shows a perfect profile."

The weight shown in Bob's book was mainly blue, with some green pink and white. The weight shows the same style of care and setting as Leni's and was shown to Bob by the manager of the Vetreria showroom. Interestingly, it was said by the manager that the weight was a test piece but these proved too expensive to make in quantity and the project was dropped.

So - is Leni's one of the "few" that came from Vetreria? Or did they later pick up the project again? Or is it, as Ray suggests, a Moretti item? The setting is certainly of the quality found in the modern Moretti work.

The big problem with Murano weights is that apparently the canes were (and are) produced by only a few makers but used by many. For example, in Sybille Jargstrof's book, Paperweights, another similar weight, in white and light blue, is attributed to Ferro & Lazzarini, 1988 ... but with canes by Moretti.

As with the general Murano glass, pinning down makers of paperweights is not easy.

A good (dealer) site to check out some of the Murano weights is:


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