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Hello all


So very new to this so just wanted to say hello. I have collected paperweights for about thirty years but have only one friend who collects also.I am anxious to give and recieve information about these glass curiosities and share the joy they give to me.

welcome aboard! This is the place to be for fun and information. If you have a paperweight you want to know about post a picture and ask a question. I would not have said I was a paperweight collector since I love all glass, but imagine my surprise when I counted and discovered I had over 40 paperweights :shock: Many of them I do know who made them, but a few I don't and in the coming days may post them here. So jump right in and again welcome Terry in Iowa

Hi "dickinks", welcome.

With such a long experience of collecting weights it would be interesting to know what types / makers you have. Don't feel pressured to post anything you don't want to though.

In my case, I've only been at it for around 12 years [there's the answer to your question, Max  :) ] although I started out with coloured Victorian glass 4 years earlier. I became hooked on Scottish Ysart pieces. I also added various examples of others. I have ended up so far with about 300 weights, many of which are "just examples of their type".


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