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Murano Bird Help Please


Hi All,

I have never posted here before but read the boards all the time. I am looking to ID These 3 Birds if possible, I got them at a private Murano Sale (they guy decided to sell them off before he died as to get top dollar) These were part of what I call the out cast lot because I got them at a very good deal (though they gentleman did tell me that the lot I got was the first pieces he and his wife started with). As everyone one else was there for the Barovier, Dino Martens,Archimede Seguso, and a few others artist and didn't even give this lot a blink. The names were on the bottom, but over the half century of sitting on the mantle, the paint transferred to the bottoms, and even though I tried to gently remove it, what ever paper label he owner wrote, was long gone. If possible just looking for a maker and approximate date

The first two I am not sure what to call them? Duck? Angry Swan? At first I thought they were a match set, but the bases are different.They are both 12 inches tall and the body coloring  is interesting as the head appears to be purple glass down to clear glass and inside is some type of gold powder, that some is loose and you can see a little moving around if you hold it up to a bright light. And they were applied to the base, its not one piece.

This one is a Duck, he is 9 1/2 inches tall and I have seen it referred to as a  Sommerso circa 1950's and just want to confirm this.

Thanks for all your help
Bear :-)

Bear, they are lovely. :)  I know nothing about Murano glass except it's made on Murano, so am no help to you at all I'm afraid. :(

The Murano board has been a little quiet of late and not everyone checks it everyday so you may have some info forthcoming in time. Stick with us. :)


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