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Marigold carnival bowl - Kokomo or similar?

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This is a very pretty bowl, pattern to the outside, plain inside, but I find the geometric patterns really really difficult... :'(

It is sort of like Kokomo?  But not quite... the bands are not quite the same.  Any help please?


p.s. I was so pleased with myself today - I picked up a bowl, and thought "That is SO cone shaped - must be Dugan... "  and it was!  Well chuffed, I must be learning something!

Glad you reached the same conclusion as me but it's not right, :'( see here

 :-* Christine  :-* I lurrve answering questions vicariously  :D Thank you  :-*

Oh!  thank you both....

There were too many threads with carnival glass in them, I didn't see that one!!

So, we both have to wait until these are attributed I suppose.

Glen, is Christine right in that it is likely to be European rather than US?

your ground collar tip doesn't fit here..... 8) ;D

I've just seen Lynne's Kokomo rose bowl and I would say the pattern is the same as Lynne's  and my Star and Studs bowls. Or am I missing something?

Lovely pictures Lynne  ;D


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