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Robert Hadley:
Dear All

I am a collector of Schneider Glass and I decided two years ago to start a web page to show my collection and the collection's of others.  The concept grew and now includes a discussion forum and a brief history of the life of Charles Schneider who produced works for a short period in glass making history between 1918 and 1932.  

He was a peer of the Daum brothers and followed in the footsteps of Galle and others. He produced some of the most beautiful glass pieces of the Art Deco period and was instrumental in organising the glass exhibitions of the  1925 Exposition des Arts Decoratifs Moderne held in Paris.

The objective of the website is to provide a global forum for the sharing of knowledge and information regarding the wonderful works of this little known 20th century glass factory and also to showcase some of the  amazing Schneider glass pieces from around the world in the online gallery. The online gallery currently stores over 200 outstanding photographs from around the world - Netherlands, USA, Australia and France.

I hope you have a moment to spend some time in the gallery and forum.

Robert Hadley


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