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Tony H:
Hi Everyone
This new Forum looks to be off to a good start.

I have a paperweight with a strange mark, there appears to be a name placed in an oval shape on the base, I can not read it , which has been scratched out, and inside the oval is S/S will I think it is an S.

Has anyone seen this, what does it mean?

Here is a photo, Paperweight is O.561kgs

Tony H.

Tony, Would love to see a pic of the whole weight. Terry in Iowa

Tony H:
Hi Terry
Here is a link to photo, not the best, but gives some idea of what it looks like.

To my way of thinking, this one went wrong, and may be was a second!!

Tony H

Sorry Tony, but there's too much of that lovely "down-under" sky showing in the weight. Always difficult to photograph, though.

I would recommend an indoor photo, against plain white background and with a flash (which should kill off quite a bit of the unwanted dome reflections). Also - if you can, get the camera to pre-focus in reasonable light with all the refelections etc., then just position yourself to block out the reflections and take the shot.

Another point about weights is that a photo of the overall base, taken at an angle, is often useful (and in some cases, crucial) for id.

As for the lettering etc. on the base, I have no idea, but it does not look very "professional" so (parts) may have been added.

Tony H:
Hi KevH
I have tried all ways to get a photo of this weight but no luck so far, it is almost a ball and refects light from all angles.

Tony H


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