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My latest ID = Chinese, probably 1930s (pics gone)


I picked this up over the weekend. I really like the jumble of canes. Not quite sure how you measure a weight but the bottom is ground and polished.

Terry in Iowa

hi terry it looks chinese to me as the canes look very watery, has the glass got a yellow tinge to it? but you say it has a polished base, is the base highly polished?or just ground

Ray is correct - it's Chinese.

Probably from the 1930s. The cane with white-red centre and yellow surrounding tubes (and also the similar construct with white tubes and the one with the green inner) seem to be typical for the period.

The "scrambled" design is most likely based on 19th century Baccarat examples.

Ray and KevH, Thanks for the info. I see many modern Chinese weights and can spot them a mile off. I did not realize they made them in the 30's So I have learned something. Terry in Iowa


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