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Greetings all --

I'm an information specialist in the U.S. researching a question for a client.  I've checked all the relevant print resources (price guides, books on marks) in our local library, and have also done an Internet search, without success.  Perhaps one of you can help?

The client has a piece of glassware from the late 19th century, she says.  There is an imprint -- KRIS-TOL -- that reads vertically, even though I've just represented it horizontally!  The hyphen in the middle of the word is intentional.

She's looking for any info on the company or to get an appraisal.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Please respond to the email address below.  Thanks in advance.

Hi xstitcher,

KRYS-TOL was a range of glassware produced by Central Glass Works, Wheeling, West Virginia, from c.1919, and prior to that I believe by Jefferson Glass Company, Follansbee, West Virginia.

Many KRYS-TOL pieces may be found regularly on eBay or other online antiques and collectibles sites.

If you could post a photo of your client's piece it may be possible to identify the pattern for you (see sticky thread at the top of this forum for how to post images to the board). As to value, again have a look on eBay for some idea of what price pieces are changing hands for.


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