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Hello Bernard,
Although I have the utmost respect for dealers in this part of the world and find them most helpful, I also have found them to know very little about glassware (in some cases even less than me).
I do live in a small country area.
Example: the dealer I bought these Walsh Glasses from did not know that they were Walsh and it was etched on the bottom. I then came home and looked it up.
Hence I am extremely grateful for any people that are willing to support  learning.
Thank you all at this site that are so willing to assist.

Glass Collector:
I have followed your posts with interest, I am a glass collector also and I live in the Waikato if you are ever around this way maybe I could show you my collection.
I have one piece of Walsh, and some Bagley, but my main collection is George Davidson and James Jobling.

Tony H in NZ
PS I am registered but I cannot submit a post under my name, as it says sorry name already in use!!!  can anybody tell me why.

Tony, that is most kind of you.
I will accept your invitation.
I may be in your part of the country early in August.
I also have some of what I think is Bagley. (from Millars guides).
I have become quite adicted to old glass.

Bernard C:
JPH (What do we call you? - John, Jenny, Jim, or Justine?):

Wairarapa sounds idyllic. I have visions of tall thin waterfalls tumbling through lush tropical rain forests with birds of paradise on every branch.

However, you confused me with "I do live in a small country area."  I was torn between a tiny pocket of countryside surrounded by skyscrapers and a region of a small country.   Similar sort of ambiguity to the pickled herring merchant and the old glass dealer.

Bernard C.  :)

Hello Bernard,
I have replied to you by email as this is not glass... Wiararapa is idyllic, though more rolling hills country. one and a half hours from Wellington.
I am Jean. :lol:


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