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Testing My Expanding Knowledge

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Having relied very heavily on others to identify my "finds" and acquisitions, I thought it was time to stick my neck out - (to probably get it chopped off!).
I picked up a few items at our local car boot sale this morning and this is my conclusion about the two "paperweight" items. Am I correct or do I don the dunce's cap?

First item - a Vasart pin dish?

Second Item - first reaction is Murano, but the canes don't quite look like the canes in any of the few Murano weights I have or have seen?  I'll stick with Murano!

Am I correct?

I don't know about the first item though it is a very lovely find.

Your feeling that the canes in the second don't look quite Murano is correct. It's a Chinese weight. One dead giveaway is the slightly frosty base that is 'out of round'. In a Murano the base would be polished and perfectly round. Once you see a lot of Murano and Chinese you will notice that the Chinese have a more limited range of colors and the canes seem 'mushier'.

Thank you for your contribution. Even though I stuck with the wrong answer, I'm quite pleased that my gut feelings are becoming more attuned. As time goes on I'll gain more confidence in these gut feelings and thanks to people like yourself my knowledge will increase greatly.

Your first thought that the second weight was Murano was based on cane recognition.  These canes could well have been made in Murano and sold on the internet, so the weights they appear in could be made anywhere in the world - and yes, it's usually China!  ;)

Thank you Leni. They don't make it easy for us, do they? :)


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