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these are tiny (less than 1" in diameter) what could th

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hello everyone, this is my first visit and my first post. i have read the rules of the board and the stickies. i will do my best to be a positive addition to the group. i hope that you may be patient with me while i learn my way around.

my motive for joining is, of course, mainly a selfish one: i need help identifying something. but, although i am not an expert, i do have a bit of hands on experience and some borrowed knowledge of old glass that i may be able to share in return.

ok, down to business. i have tried to create a 'tinypic' as per the sticky instructions. we'll see how successful that was right here:
well, well, would you look at that. i think it worked. fingers crossed.

what we should be looking at is a photo showing two small round vessels against a background with a ruler showing measurement in 10ths of an inch.  you can see that the vases are very small, less than one inch in heighth and width.  they show a very distict two piece mold mark on them which i dont think shows up very well in the picture. they have a hobnail surface and the body of the glass is a milky white with the colors swirling through. the holes in the tops are even with the top and the edges follow the curvature of the glass. if you run your finger across the top, the edges of the holes have an almost sharpish (i know thats not a word lol) feeling. not sharp enough to cut you. just 'sharpish'.

i tried to add another photo of the bottoms of the vases which for some reason is not working. what i wanted you to see in that photo was that the bottoms are flattened though not by grinding.

someone at another glass group i participate in suggested that they may be rose or posey vases. i googled for both but could not find any examples which were quite so small. they almost look like hollow marbles with a flat base and hobnail surface.... oh lol. thats funny. oh well...

will anyone here be so kind as to take a look at these for me? I thank you for your polite attention despite your busy schedules.

sincerely, angela

Sure they're not beads or tiny finials? Items of such miniature size go by the collective name of "conterie" - which inludes beads, canes, mosaic etc.  Provenance probably Czech republic or Murano - but admittedly their purpose is a bit misty.  :?

Bernard C:
Ivo — could they be childrens' doll's house furnishings?

Bernard C.  8)


--- Quote from: "Ivo" ---Sure they're not beads or tiny finials?
--- End quote ---

A bit big for beads, aren't they?   :shock: And I wouldn't have thought finials, since they have flat bottoms  :?  
--- Quote ---Items of such miniature size go by the collective name of "conterie" - which inlused beads, canes, mosaic etc.  
--- End quote ---

 :shock: Wow!  Something else I've learned on this amazing board!  :D
Thanks, Ivo!  


I think Bernard got it with vases for dolls houses. There are dozens of glassmakers producing for this field and some of the creations are quite exquisite. is an English example

googling glass miniature dolls house gave 869,000 hists :o


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