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Old English?


Hi All

I'm looking for some help with this weight, I have four possibilities - Gillinder, Bacchus, Richardsons or fake!

Any ideas would be most welcome.


Hazel :P

Hi Hazel

An attractive weight! I have seen the green queen's head cane in Bacchus, Richardson, and as yet unattributed Old English weights.  The other canes look rather like Richardson ones (ie not composite, typical of their designs and colours), but could be by another maker.  Richardson made quite a few footed items, but so did some other Old English I think I would narrow it down to Richardson, Bacchus or some other OE maker. It doesn't look like the majority of Gillinder I have seen, but the queen's head raises the possibility (although I think the Gillinder have a solid head?).

It doesn't look like it is modern, and I don't think I have ever seen a fake Old English (but then, if it was a good fake, how would we know...!).

Hope this helps


Hi Alan

Thanks for the reply. I had been leaning towards Richardsons as a possible ID as I know they made footed weights, although in the pictures I have seen the foot on their weights seems somewhat squatter. I didn't realise that they also used the head canes so that is useful to know.




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