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Butterfly weight, impressed glass

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I recently bought this weight (not my normal taste, but it is a long story):
It is about 9cm/3,5inches across, and about 2 cm high.  Flat top, with a butterfly impressed on the bottom.  The butterfly has been finished in acid (I think) to give it a bit of shading with certain areas blocked off to allow for the clear wing marks.  The side has small grooves all around.  Although the add made no reference to a mark or signature I found the following on the side and towards the top: (Sorry thats as good as I could get the pic)
If the tail of the butterfly is 6 o'oclock this runs from 3:30 to 5:30.  having tried to decipher I have come up with "Ales917.1.ccreycneecery"  :o ;D
The first part could also be "AL1991.7.1. "etc
I have not been able to trace anything similar or figure the signature so could somebody please point me in the right direction.  (I hesitate to say this but something says Scandinavian to me....but looking back at previous posts this has become a fall back position on some bad calls for me  :-[)
Kind regards and all the best over easter.

Karel, I agree it looks very Scandinavian in terms of the way the signature has been written... however, like you I can't work out what it says.  :-[

I have a rather similar one:

This one is clearly signed "Kosta 99/72 MJ" (or MY) - nothing as long as your signature.

I am assuming that MJ (or MY) are the initials of the designer: anyone any idea who that could be?

Now - that I see it on the screen: could MJ stand for Mats Jonasson - he did work for Kosta before he started his own business.

I think you are correct and the signature is M Jonasson.  Here is a Mats Jonasson paperweight that I have for sale.


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