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Little Iridescent Pot.Sold to me as 'Caithness'. - ID = Heron Glass Cumbria

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I have little iridescent pot which was sold to me as Caithness.I silently disagreed and hoped it was IOW but after scouring their website/archives I've come up with nothing.The iridescent finish covers the base rather than being clear like the other IOW pieces I have.Can anyone suggest a maker or help me ID this please?It's very pretty.Could it be Royal Brierley?It isn't marked or signed.
Many thanks,

Sue C:
Hi Elaine, might also be Heron glass ?

Royal Brierley was certainly the one that came to my mind - I looked at the pic before I read to the end of your post, and came up with that before I noticed you had as well. The shape is sort of Caithness-y but not quite right. 

Sue C:
Had a look at the Heron site, and it looks like their small bud vase in white

Hiya SueC & josordoni,
I've never had any Heron Glass before.I had a wee look at their site though SueC and I'm not sure I'm looking at the right place..
My pot is smooth on the inside with the decorative application on the outside...Is Heron Glass like this?  :-\
Many thanks for your help with my daft questions,
P.S. Love those Heron Whirlygig Goblets!


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